Midad was established in 2007 as the energy arm of the Al-Fozan Group with headquarters in AlKhobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In a relatively short time, Midad has established a very strong portfolio of companies providing a range of products and services to the oil and gas Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. 

In addition to its wholly owned subsidiaries, Midad partners with international companies, mostly through joint ventures or sales agreements, that offer world class products and/or services with enabling technologies. We also work on localizing technologies and building local manufacturing and services in order to improve efficiency and reliability to our clients while adding value to the local economy. We focus on continuously improving our workforce by attracting local and international talents and providing them with the necessary training coupled with an attractive career path. Such approach enabled us to have one of the Kingdom's most competent technical and commercial teams as recognized by the industry. Our team provides the 24-7 technical support to our clients, partners and principals. Moreover, an experienced logistics, administration and finance teams facilitates our business activities in addition to the the business requirements of our clients, partners and principals

We are focused and specialized on serving many segments of the oil & gas, petrochemical, power & water, ICT and security sectors. We have structured sustainable business models, continue to build on our core competencies and making the necessary actions to take advantage of new opportunities in servicing the full energy cycle and infrastructure projects of the region, from oil and gas exploration, production, transportation, storage, refining, petrochemical, and downstream industries to power generation, water desalination, renewable energy and industrial investment

Core values:
Integrity : Total compliance to strict code of conduct and treatment of everyone with fairness and respect
Accountability : Take responsibility for our actions in meeting our corporate objectives
Excellence and high performance : Commitment to doing well
Citizenship : Demonstrate social responsibility and support our communities
Safety and environmental protection : Act safely at all times and safeguard our environment

Vision and Mission

To be a leading provider of best-in-class solutions with a focus on the development and deployment of new technologies across penetrated industries.
To establish industries and services through grass root projects & private equity acquisitions, create value for our shareholders, develop strategic alliances, transfer technology and create employment opportunities while holding strongest commitments to quality, safety, social responsibility and environmental preservation.


Midad’s role is not limited only to partnering with international companies through joint ventures, sales and supply chain agreements but also creating our own local competent highly performing service companies and local manufacturing plants of high technology products. This supports our strategy of increasing local content, promoting new technology development, and encouraging local business development while maintaining the highest level of integrity, safety and protection of the environment.

Our Shareholders

Midad Holding is part of the Al Fozan Groups, one of the most preeminent business strongholds in the region with a competent and experienced management team. The group has:
• More than half a century of distinguished business experience and successful track record
• Multibillion USD in annual revenue
• More than ten thousand employees
• Over 50 operating companies
Since their inception in 1959, they have been witness to a radically changing business environment; domestically and globally. Al Fozan has adapted to the changes and successfully evolved and diversified their business. Today, Al Fozan corporate standing is a testament to this ability. Throughout the years, Al Fozan Group have allowed their business philosophy to mature, yet remain flexible. This approach has eased the integration and management of its diversification and evolution.


Please find more information about the Group at our web site www.alfozan.com